Freshlite Story

An evening of early summer in 2016, Tokyo, Japan.

Two founders was jogging at the workout hotspot in Kokyo Gaien National Garden,Tokyo, after the exhaustive working day. The sweetness in early summer air breezing on face and the lightness after sweating jogging inspired the birth of FRESHLITE.

The freshness and lightness after a simple exercise such as jogging is a true delight. So does a healthy life. The healthy life is as simply as we could eat well, absorb well, sleep well, able to run and jump all over the place. Simple as it.

However, the fast pacing of modern society, unhealthy diet everyday and burnout lifestyle all make those simple happiness almost unattainable.


delight your life

How can FRESHLITE achieve “delight your life”?

Let's back to the basic. We believe that all health must start from the very first step: nutrient absorption.

If we can't absorb the nutrients from our daily diet, it is impossible to have a healthy life. Key to good absorption is to have a healthy gut where more than 99% of nutrients absorption taking place.


All Health Begins with Absorption

In 2020, based on the latest research in gut microbiomes in Japan, we developed our first postbiotics + product aiming for suppressing the “bad bacteria” and promoting inhabited “good bacteria”, thus enhancing gut health and nutrients absorption. 

All health begins with absorption. Postbiotics are the key to good gut hence the enhanced absorpton for ALL health.


Who We Are

We focus on empowering people through our health food and dietary supplements to live healthy, fresh and happy life. Because just like you, our body and soul sometimes feel tired and tensed in rapid and busy daily life. 

With top-notch natural ingredients, traditional wisdom and back by scientific research, FRESHLITE is committed to promote healthy and fresh life through our simple, natural and effective health food and dietary supplements.

What we Believe

All health begins with absorption.

Nutrients are vital and beneficial to us if it can be absorbed by us properly. It might have little effect or even counter-effect to your health if otherwise. ​

Gut is the principal organ where the most nutrients be absorbed, and intestinal flora is the key for to effective absorption. We believe by improving gut health and intestinal flora will enhance our digestion system that in turn leading us to happy and fresh life.


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All Health Begins with Absorption